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  Leadership Camp  

  Areas I and II: June 28-30
Area III: July 6-8
Area IV: July 12-14

The Area Leadership Camps and Teacher In-service programs will be held at the Wesley Center in Woodworth. 
2350 Methodist Pkwy
Woodworth, LA 71485

(318) 449-4500 

NOTE: All activities will be completed on the third afternoon of each week. Chapters are required to stay until after the banquet on the final day.

Health Forms & Zipline Waiver:
Advisors are required to bring their students’ health forms with them. Please keep these forms in your possession at all times. 

Please note: If you choose to swim or zipline, you must bring this signed waiver to the Wesley Center. 

Teachers bringing students of the opposite gender must make arrangements with a teacher of the opposite gender to supervise their students in the lodge. For example, if the a chapter advisor is a male and he is bringing female members, he must contact a female advisor from another chapter and arrange for that female advisor to supervise his female members in the female lodge.

In accordance with action taken by the State FFA Executive Committee in April 2001, refunds MUST be requested in writing postmarked no later than October 1. Every effort will be made to give refunds by the last day of the camp you attend. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE OCTOBER 1 DEADLINE.

NameDate AddedSize
Liability/Medical/Publicity Waiver 5/7/2019 139 KB
Meeting Space Map (PDF) 7/23/2018 120 KB
Lodge Floorplan (PDF) 7/23/2018 179 KB

2022 Leadership Camp Planning Guide

Member Schedule
Teachers' Schedule

There are 3 available RV spots at the Wesley Center. They have 30 or 50 amp electrical hookup, gray water discharge and black water has to be stored and caddied. 

There is no extra charge nor discount to camp for using your RV. However, you must preregister to reserve your spot. 

Area 1/2: Register here 

Area 3: Register here

Area 4: Register here

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