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  Proficiency Awards  
Agriculture is a broad industry including plants and animals, sales and services, engineering and mechanics, and everything in between. To recognize achievements in these areas of agriculture, the proficiency award program is available for members. To qualify, members must complete a thorough application that describes in detail their supervised agricultural experiences. Finalists complete an interview process, and the state winner in each area moves on to national competition.

A well rounded agricultural education program is made up of three integrated parts: classroom/laboratory instruction, FFA, and a supervised agricultural experience (SAE). An SAE is a student-developmental program that can be made up of multiple enterprises and activities, including research, entrepreneurial and/or placement enterprises, development of supplemental skills, learning activities, and improvement projects impacting the student’s SAE, home, school, or community. 

SAEs are a required component of the total agricultural education program. Proficiency awards are an outgrowth of students’ SAE enterprises and recognize student skill development and career based competencies related to a particular award area. 

For more on SAEs, visit the National Council for Agricultural Education's SAE For All Student Guide.


Louisiana FFA sponsors two types of proficiency awards:

Junior Proficiency Awards
To be eligibile, members must be in grades 7 or 8. 
At least one full year of SAE records is required.
The same application as senior proficiency awards will be used.

Senior Proficiency Awards
To be eligibile, members must be in grades 9-12. 
At least three full years of SAE records are required to win first place.
The National FFA Proficiency Award application is the only acceptable application.

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