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Sunshine Sustainability Grant

Have a great idea for a chapter fundraiser or SAE but need a little help getting started? Get up to $2,000 to cover start-up costs with this all-new program. Presented by Sunshine Quality Solutions and the Louisiana FFA Foundation, the Sunshine Chapter Sustainability Grant provides funds for Louisiana FFA Chapters to become self-sustainable. Grant applications will be submitted online through a simple process. First, tell us a little about yourself, and then describe a brief overview of your fundraising project, Finally submit a short business plan explaining how the project will sustain your chapter's needs in the future, and you are done!


National FFA Grants

A chapter grant offers members the opportunity to experience and take part in activities in which they otherwise would not have been able to. One benefit is the measurable impact a grant can have on an entire community. Grants help build strong communities and lasting relationships between FFA chapters and local businesses. Additionally, they offer businesses a direct pipeline to the many talents FFA members possess.

We are growing the future, grow with us!

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Thank you to our generous sponsors.

  • Sunshine Quality Solutions
  • LBIC
  • IBEW
  • Farm Bureau
  • ICEV