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Supervised Agricultural Experiences

Since the early 20th century, the home project has been a critical component of agricultural education. Now called Supervised Agricultural Experiences, these SAEs provide students an opportunity to independently explore an agricultural career field of their choice.


  • The National Council for Agricultural Education has created learning guides for each SAE type. They provide explanation and activities to teach SAE and to help students select and develop their own program.

  • AET offers services for tracking student records, managing FFA membership and chapter activities, and completing FFA award applications.

  • National FFA has provided a library of introductory videos to describe the different types of SAEs.

  • Is it time to teach SAEs in your class? Check out these lesson plan resources to prepare your students for great SAEs.

  • Do your members need ideas for starting their SAE? These cards offer ideas for starting an SAE in each of the AFNR pathways.

  • Do you need some inspiration for your SAE? Check out these videos highlighing outstanding SAEs around the country.

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